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Chicago CTU Accommodations &
Workshop Location Information
Last updated -- January 19, 2019

For Those Needing Housing: a block of rooms at CTU (Catholic Theological Union) will be set aside for us. CTU is within a ten minute walk to Claret Center, where the workshop will take place. Some former participants will be staying at CTU and know the way to Claret Center. 
In any case, a walking map is here> and below.

How To Book a Room at CTU
1) Go online to CTU's Guest Housing Registration Form>

2) At the bottom the form page, there is a drop-down menu asking:
"Group Affiliation" [It already has a default name in it.]
YouScroll Down and Choose "Other".
Then insert in the box underneath the drop down menue, these words:
"Gurdjieff Sacred Movements Workshop".

Walking Directions to Claret Center>
5536 S Everett Ave, Chicago, IL 60637

Map View of Catholic Theological Union>
5416 S Cornell Ave, Chicago, IL 60615

Housing Questions? Contact Lissa Romell, our Local Host by phone or email:
1 773 263 1838 / Lissa>

Financial Questions? Contact Jean Lauderdale by phone or email:
1415 302 6776 / Jean>

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