F O R M &_ P E R C E P T I O N
A Laboratory Within a Workshop

An Integration of Gurdjieff 3.0 with Experimental Theater
Form & Perception is a laboratory for research and study, for teachers and students: of contemporary theater, of creative dance, of conscious bodywork, and of other holistic methodologies for human development and transformation.

This work is a training to awaken ourselves to an extraordinary level of attention, sensitivity, and perception, necessary to integrate self with others in a relationship of collective creativity that demands a quality of attention and an intensity of energy needed for the deep work of self-observation, self-remembering, and the persistent and steady work of creating a sensation body.

FORM &_PERCEPTION began in 2012 as a Francesca-created laboratory-within-a-laboratory to deepen individual and group work. Today, after many workshops with James Tomarelli & Friends, this laboratory is revealing a new paradigm, a new model for spontaneous co-creative research and work.

Together, in the present form of this laboratory, we improvise unexpected situations — without a given solution — in which each participant, in dynamic equilibrium with self and others, discovers in their present moment the appropriate and necessary form for a mutually beneficial resolution of their situation.

Complementary to this way of working, we will utilize codified forms and dances: Gurdjieff Dances, Gurdjieff Inner Exercises and (SIMs) Structural Integration Meditations intentionally created by us to activate new neurological brain connections and release and blend new energies within our body-mind connections.

In our laboratory-within-a-laboratory we will attempt to live in the mystic middle, in an empty space-place where impressions blend with body consciousness with a relaxed awakened heart vibrating in its center. A place that opens us to collective exploration of our common neurophysiologic processes by which our body-mind becomes aware of and interprets the internal and external stimuli we co-create.

We will contact imperishable being — and slowly, steadily, begin to understand the mystic formula: As above, so below.

James Tomarelli
Francesca Pompeo
& The Next Generation of Friends