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Chiara Purcaro & Francesco De Angelis, Modena, Italy, are Friends of Gurdjieff 3.0. Chiara and Francesco have been in relationship in the work of Gurdjieff Dance and Meditations for over twelve years. Presently Chiara and Francesco assist James at seminars.

In their Modena workshops Chiara and Francesco are developing a way of being and of working with others such that all in the group can learn from one another and harmoniously investigate their individual and collective present moment: gurdjieffdancemodena

Sonja Rössler, Vienna, Austria, is a Friend of Gurdjieff 3.0. Sonja has been working with James Tomarell since 2009. Sonja assists James at seminars, making good use of her knowledge of yoga and body structure to help Gurdjieff Dance participants develop their full potential.

Sonja has intergrated her over thirteen-years experience in the Gurdjieff 3.0 Way of Work into her yoga and dance work. For more information (auf Deutsch) and to contact Sonja visit: sonja-roessler


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