Our Way of Work is a training to awaken ourselves
to an extraordinary level of attention, sensitivity, and perception.

When on This Way, our potentialities become possibilities; our possibilities become actualities. How to do this?

We use our attention in three directions simultaneously: inward, outward, and all around; sensing, feeling, and seeing. Sensing our own existence; feeling ourselves in relationship with others; seeing the meaning and purpose of what is present.

Our methodology is developed from more than thirty-three years of workshop research into seeing ourselves as we are!

Our methodology integrates meditation, music, and dance.

Our Dances and Meditations are accompanied by live piano music intentionally composed by Gurdjieff and De Hartmann, whose music supports our conscious labor intentionally taken in support of right reciprocal relationship with self, others, and world.

Under the guidance of James Tomarelli and Friends and within the matrix of our unique learning-how-to-learn methodology, Gurdjieff 3.0 workshops train participants to develop an ever-deepening never-ending reciprocol relationship with the ever-expanding fullness of life.

Be well,
The Next Generation of Friends

NOTE: The Life and Work of: G.I. Gurdjieff, Jerzy Grotowski, J.G. Bennett, Francisco Varela, and of their direct students, informs and inspires the research and work in the Gurdjieff 3.0 workshops. [Regarding the ads on these links — we are working on removing them.]