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theater and dance as vehicle italy presents

F O R M_ &_ P E R C E P T I O N_ 2.0

A Residential Laboratory for Theater Improvisation and Gurdjieff Dance

This research laboratory is a training to awaken ourselves to an extraordinary level of attention, sensitivity, and perception needed to integrate self and others into a relationship of collective creativity that supports the deep work of uncovering hidden potentialities.
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May 14–20, 2016
at TEATRO DEL MONTEVASO in the Tuscan hills near Pontedera

with James Tomarelli ~ Gurdjieff dance and Movement Meditation

Fosco Matteini
and Chiara Purcaro ~ Physiotherapy and Bodywork
Chiara Purcaro and Francesco De Angelis ~ Gurdjieff dance and Movement Meditation
Francesca Pompeo ~ Theater and Improvisation

Christian Alf
~ Pianist

dates / times

~ May 14-20, 2016
begins 4 PM Saturday, May 14 - concludes 3 PM Friday, May 20, seven days of working together.

~ Teatro del Montevaso (Chianni - Pisa) in the Tuscan hills near Pontedera

includes seminar, meals, and shared accommodations (private accommodations are extra)
~ participation limited to 18-20 persons

€100 deposit is required to reserve a place. Your deposit will be deducted from your cost. This deposit is non-refundable for participants working with James Tomarelli & Friends for the first time. requirements for participation>>

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~ Questions?
email: Workshop Registrar
English and Italian is used, with translations as needed.

~ To reserve your place
Make a €100 deposit thru PayPal and then email Workshop Registrar